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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Avery is 2 months old!

Our little girl is not so little anymore! She is growing so much and we are enjoying every moment.  Here are a list of her "accomplishments" and of course, a LOT of photos of our favorite subject! Enjoy
Our baby Avery is:
  • Still wearing size 1 diapers but they are fitting pretty snugly!
  • Weighing in at 12 pounds and is 23 inches long
  • Looking SO CUTE and fitting well in all her size 0-3 months clothes that have been hanging in her closet for months (Mommy is particularly excited about this)
  • Smiling all the time! It is hands-down the cutest thing we have ever seen and our hearts melt when she does it on cue (which is usually an elaborate nose-kissing, neck-tickling process that Daddy is best at)
  • On a predictable schedule of nursing every 3 hours, playing for about 30 minutes and napping for about an hour during the day.
  • Sleeping 6 hours at night regularly, waking only once to nurse
  • Making adorable "baby sounds" which are giving us a glimpse at what her adorable voice will soon sound like
  • Going on her first big trips this month: First to San Luis Obispo for a wedding, followed by a trip to Catalina!  (I am sure there will be LOTS of pics to share of both these events, so stay tuned!)
2 month photo shoot
Cute smiley girl

In case anyone wasn't sure, she is 100% loved by her grandmas (and her parents, her neighbors, her Roo, random people in the grocery store...)
Tummy Time
Mommy loves to dress her up, and she is (mostly) cooperative
best buds

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  1. My daughter is 6wks today . . . Reading your blog is fun because I get a little preview of what is to come. I also do not have to wait that long for it either! :)