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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nursery Progess and 7 months!

Grady's surfer room is almost done! We have removed the futon, added the glider, put up some more wall art and have displayed his name on a custom decorative surfboard we got from Splinters Wood Surfboards on Etsy.

I have plans to add a decorative valance above the small window in this pic. Also want to add a canvas hamper to the left of the crib for toys and get a pouf to rest my feet on while sitting on the glider.
 28 weeks!
I am now officially 7 months pregnant and feeling large and in charge. I am dolled up for Alex's 32 birthday dinner in this shot, and discovered that that will be the last time I wear those pants as they are uncomfortably tight! Oh the joys...
Some updates: I have passed 2 glucose tests so it is safe to say I do not have gestational diabetes.
At my last appointment, I was measuring 3 weeks ahead, so my OB did an ultrasound to check baby's growth. He was measuring right on track, estimated at 2.5 pounds. My fluid levels were on the high end of the normal range which may explain my measuring ahead. The fluids fluctuate throughout pregnancy and neither the doc or I are concerned.
I am planning a natural hospital birth this time. While my drug-free delivery with Harper wasn't intentional, and while I swore I wouldn't do that again, I have changed my mind (as we women frequently do!) The delivery was terrifying and painful but also empowering and incredible. The recovery was so fast and simple that alone is worth a few hours of pain. I have read a few books and have plans to take a hypnobirthing class in Sept to prepare myself for labor. Harper's labor was 4 hours from when my eyes opened at 5:30am with my first contraction to when she was born in the hospital at 9:31am, so I am betting on the good chance that this one will be just as fast if not faster. We changed my insurance this time so we will deliver at Scripps Encinitas and we tour the hospital on Aug 5.
Being pregnant in the summer, I am hot most of the time. I have had some pretty uncomfortable bouts with acid reflux and take Tums daily. I have tested low for Vitamin D throughout this pregnancy and my doc has recommended I take 3500 uls of vitamin D supplement, which I do daily.
More updates next month!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Avery's First Ballet Class

This summer we decided to sign Avery up for one fun activity before school starts in September for her. She chose between the few the city offered for her age range and the dates we would be available to take her...Karate or Princess Fairy Ballet (no recital) were the choices. Not surprisingly, she chose ballet and Nana was sweet enough to outfit her for her lessons with all the necessities!
We have been watching ballet videos and working on the positions when she wants to. I made sure she knew what it meant to point her toes and put her heels together and hold her arms in a circle.

When she got to class, there were about 15 little fairy princesses there as well. The teacher, Miss Candice, provided crowns, wands and wings for each of the girls to wear during class. Music from all the Disney Princess movies played in the background while the girls watched and listened to their teacher. Avery was in heaven. She was a great listener and was in front of the class most of the time, willing and eager to volunteer and watched the teacher and did what she was told (like daughter like mother!)

All the moms were snapping and filming away as the cuteness unfolded. Enjoy the pictures!

Trying on her outfit at home

Getting her crown on

Ready for class!

This was so funny...teacher put her leg over her head
and the girls were dutifully trying to model her!

Waiting patiently (I was impressed!)

Pique, pique, pase

Dancing fairies

Getting fairy dust on their ballet slippers



Monday, July 8, 2013

Whistler Trip

My fantastic husband has qualified for all-expense paid trips two years in a row because he is so good at his job. Last year we went to Kauai and decided to bring the kids (Harper was just 6 weeks old!) but this year's Whistler, Canada trip was just for mom and dad! We left only 2 days after getting back from Costa Rica, and while the timing was not ideal, it ended up working out perfectly for us. My wonderful in-laws were thrilled to come stay at our house for 4 days and 3 nights taking care of our little rugrats. While I am sure they could use another vacation of their own, the girls did great and we are so appreciative to them for letting us have a stress-free break from our little ladies.

While traveling to Whistler proved to NOT be stress-free, fortunately the rest of the trip was incredible. Our connecting flight from SFO to Vancouver was bogusly cancelled by United, and a lengthy 5 hours later we were literally the last people to walk on another flight. Not surprisingly, our bags didn't make the connection and we would spend some frustrating time everyday on our trip trying to track them down. The bag ended up being in San Diego when we returned 4 days later...oh well! We got to do a little bit of shopping in Whistler and Air Canada will supposedly reimburse us.

Anyway! After a 2.5 hour drive from Vancouver to Whistler, we finally arrived at the Four Seasons, and even at midnight we could tell it was gorgeous. The hotel staff did their best to supplement our lack of toiletries and we hit up the pharmacy the next day to get a few essentials.

We spent the rest of the trip exploring the area, walking a LOT, shopping a little (heehee), and thoroughly enjoying being together. We took a helicopter ride and saw snow-covered mountains, thick forests, a glacier and natural lakes tinted green from natural minerals. We took a chair lift up Blackcomb Mountain, a 4 mile gondola ride across a deep valley to Whistler Mountain. It was amazing and a little scary. The best part was walking around in flip flops on top of a snow-covered mountain! Then we took an open air chair lift down Whistler and had a refreshing lunch of oysters and fries!
The Four Seasons

Walking into the village

Roaring river just a few steps from our hotel

Whistler Village and Olympic Plaza

Enjoying the down time

Kind of freaking out...

Pilot Rob (who is expecting a baby boy Oct 14!)

Incredible views

natural lake


We survived! Queasy-ness aside, it was wonderful!

Unique baby bump shot

Canada Dry-eh!

That tiny red spot is another gondola! The ground is FAR below!

Inappropriate footwear thanks to Air Canada!

Amazing time with my true love

Heading back down the mountain, the fresh air was fantastic
So relaxed

Oysters and truffle fries

Jazz Festival in Vancouver

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Wow, what a trip! We saw so many beautiful things and had a wonderful time connecting with family that we don't see often enough. Our group totaled 15 and we all stayed at the all-inclusive Barceló Playa Langosta resort in Tamarindo. The resort has an awesome pool and is right on the beach, and within walking distance to downtown Tamarindo with shopping, beaches and restaurants.



Monkeys right by the buffet!

A rare moment when she wasn't in some body of water

Harper on stage during the hotel lobby entertainment

My girls stole the show!

Avery carefully doing the same moves the girls were doing
One of the days we split up, and the "kids" (anyone under 26, except my girls) did an all day excursion where they rode horses, rock climbed, zip lined, bathed in mud and had a delish lunch. Us "older folks" went on a guided riverboat tour through Palo Verde national park. We saw a few white-faced monkeys, lots of butterflies, iguanas, basilisks and crocodiles!



Rare white-faced monkey in Palo Verde
Downtown Tamarindo

Beer and applesauce

Nana and Harper

Iguana at our resort

Hanging out at Playa Langosta beach

Costa Rican sand is yummy!

My loves

Avery and Nana in the pool

Harper was making this funny face at dinner one night

And this sweet waitress was making it right back to her!
They had their own thing going, so cute
We were in Costa Rica during the rainy season and it definitely rained just about every day. Even so, it was incredibly hot and humid and when it rained it was a welcome cool down period. We were treated to a few amazing lighting and thunder shows, but all the bad weather lasted no longer than an hour each time. The ocean was a warm 80 degrees most of the time and the pool temp was about the same. I am pretty sure I was sweating every second I wasn't in our air-conditioned room!

The kids did ok for the most part. Harper was no fun on the plane (as are any lap-kids over the age of 8 months, in my opinion) but Avery did great. Costa Rica is only an hour ahead of California time so there wasn't much adjustment as far as that goes, but they did have to adjust to busy days of swimming and different food. Avery got sick about half way through the trip, but both girls seemed back to their old selves the day we left (go figure).

Overall, we had an amazing time and made some wonderful memories. It is hard to get the family together for dinner let alone a trip out of the country!

We owe all of the planning and logistics to Alex, who took care of everything for everyone IN ADDITION to working and dealing with me and the girls...THANK YOU HONEY for a wonderful trip. We love you!!