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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Harper's 9/10 Months!

Haha, whoops doing a double month post here...Harper is now 10 months old, so close to being ONE! Party planning is in full swing, and Harper is growing so fast!
She is 20 pounds, 29.5" long (3 pounds lighter, and 1.5 inches longer than her sister at this age) and crawls/cruises around so fast! She still sits well in the stroller for some time, but prefers to be mobile. She has stood on her own for a few seconds two or three times, but hasn't made any move to take unassisted steps yet. Avery was fully walking by 11.5 months so Harper needs to get on it if she wants to keep up with her sister.
Harper is still breasfed in the morning, has formula and table food the rest of the day. She loves ALL foods we have given her except avocado. You name it, she has tried it, loved it, and devoured it. She eats versions of what we eat for the most part and baby food pouches for snacks when we are out and about. I plan to introduce whole milk to her in the next few weeks so she is weaned from formula by her birthday. Avery was more picky with food had a hard time with that transition so I hope Harper takes it better than her.
She drinks water from a sippy cup but prefers a straw cup or her bottle. I plan to cut out the bottles by her first birthday as well.
She is wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She can sign "more" and we are working on the sign for milk. She can point with her index finger, can clap and gives the sweetest, slobberiest kisses. She says mama and lots of unidentifiable jibberish. She has four teeth (2 top 2 bottom) and seems to be working on 4 more.

Harper is a great sleeper! I lucked out with two really good sleepers, I am a happy mama! She sometimes naps in the morning if we are home or takes little cat naps in the car. She usually goes down when Avery does between 1 and 2 and will sleep for an hour or more usually. She goes to bed at 7/7:30 and wakes around the same time in the morning, giving me a solid 12 hours most nights. She loves her pacis and can find them herself in the night if she wakes. She is in a sleep sack which I love, and she has a "lovey" blanket that she likes to have on her face when she is cuddling with me before bed.
Harper lives up to her name and is truly a joy, giggling, smiling and flirting every chance she gets. LOVE HER!!

Potty Training Part 2...still a work in progress

So, when we left off, Avery had finally gone pee on the potty for a whole day by herself! We were thrilled and so proud of her. I truly was beginning to think it would NEVER happen (I am a woman so I am not always rational...)

Now it is late March, a solid three months since we started. There have been many ups and downs, but we can happily say that Avery wears panties all day long and rarely has accidents anymore. She might have an accident once or twice a week. I still have to remind/convince/drag her to go potty every hour or so. but she goes on the potty. We don't have/use a potty seat, she just climbs up on the big potty (or I lay down a paper and help her onto public seats) and goes. She does still wear a pull-up for nap and bedtime but we take it off immediately when she wakes up and we don't put it on her until she is climbing into bed. It is always wet.

The big question...what about #2? I am happy to report that 80% of the time she goes ALL BY HERSELF on the potty. She will say "oh, I have to go poo poo!" and she'll run in there, put the seat down (thanks Alex) climb on and go! She still gets a lollipop or 2 M&M's for that, and she goes every other day or so. The other 20% of the time, she goes in her pull-up after nap or when she wakes in the morning, before we can get to her (no reward for that).

Needless to say, we are SO VERY PROUD of our big girl! She is acting older and more mature by the minute and it is definitely bittersweet. Avery is becoming more articulate by the day and is smart as a whip. Nothing gets by this one! She loves to dance and is happy to perform anytime, anywhere. She is the sweetest big sister, often asking for Harper first thing in the morning and missing her during naps.
Love  you Avery!!!