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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bates Nut Farm

Apparently, going to Bates Nut Farm in the fall if you live in north San Diego county is THE thing to do! So, of course we had to join in the rest of the families in the county and check out the pumpkins, petting zoo, pony rides, inflatables and fair food!

We had a great time and got a few good shots of our little pumpkin.

Avery, 15 months

Our barrel of pumpkins!

Me and my girl on a BIG one

The only way to get her to sit still was to let her play with this little pumpkin

She much prefers to run everywhere!

Especially when there is a cute doggie who needs a kiss

Or a bunny that needs a pet!

Avery, mama and "Chocolate Chip"

Saying "thank you" to her horsie

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Fall!

I haven't been on here since August! I apologize to my (5) avid readers for such a long absence. I have gone back to school and it has been kicking my butt! I am taking 7 units of prerequisite classes at a local junior college in preparation to apply for a Lactation Consultant program. I am taking Anatomy and Medical Terminology online, though the Anatomy class requires me to attend a lab portion twice a week. Antatomy is SO hard and SO time consuming, I am literally counting the days until I am done with it (assuming I pass!)

Anyway, as per usual we have been busy busy busy these last 2 months! Avery is 15 months old now and weighs 30 lbs and is almost 33 inches tall. She is wearing 18 months clothes but not for much longer. She is saying a LOT of words and we get a kick out of hearing the new ones she seems to learn every day. Her first word was Baby and now she can clearly say most B words (bubble, ball, bath) and she says I Love You, Hello, Bye, milk, more, up, please, down, Roo and she can repeat A-E of the alphabet.

This past week she dropped a nap and now she only naps once a day (boo hoo!) around 12 until 2:30ish, and goes to bed around 7:15. She is still in her crib though since she is so tall I am anxiously awaiting the day she realizes all she has to do is hoist herself up a bit and she could be over the rail! Yikes!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to these past few weeks.

She is getting very good at using a fork and spoon (despite the picture!)

Swimming at Yaya's house with Dada

Cute little bikini!
Visiting Abbie and her baby sister Reese in Valencia!

Kitchen pretend fun
Hanging with Logan at Brayden's first birthday party

Playing with Grampa's motorcycle boots

Ready to go!

Grampa and Avery

At the Del Mar Pumpking Station

Loved the carousel :)