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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

I was SO EXCITED for the holidays this year, and I anticipate that to grow as Avery gets older and begins to understand and remember the magic and traditions that make Christmas so special. And we sure did A LOT to ring in holidays this year! We had at least 5 Christmas parties this year, and we baked cookies and listened to A LOT of Christmas music and drove around to see the lights and drank hot chocolate and watched Christmas movies and read Christmas stories...OH MY! I enjoyed every minute of the whole season and I can't wait until next year (though I am very happy to get my house back in order and pack all the stuff away for another year).
This year was extra special because it was Harper Joy's first Christmas and she was at the perfect age to enjoy most of the fesitivities. Also my brother and sister-in-law had a baby on December 20!! My niece, Penelope Louise Feldt was born and 3:01 pm and weighed 7lbs 12oz. Corey and Lauren are the most excited parents ever and she is a lucky little girl to have chosen them to be her mommy and daddy. We wish they were closer so we could watch her grow, but Alex and I were so happy to get to meet her on her second day of life. We can't wait to see her again soon!
Enjoy (a lot) of photos of our Christmas!
Decorating the tree

Visit with Santa was a tear-free success!

My babies

Ugly sweater party

Harper all bundled at our playgroup Christmas party

At the Newport Boat Parade
My sweethearts

Penny Lou!!

Opening gifts at Oma's

Christmas morning at home

Christmas dinner at Pat and Al's

Harper and Daddy
Jess and Jason and their funky shorts


Harper is 7 months

What!?! How did that happen?? She is racing toward being one year old! Yikes!
Well Harper continues to be my sunshine and is growing up so quickly. She is wearing size 2 diapers, 9-12 month clothing and weighed in at 18.5 pounds and is 28 inches tall.
Harper is pulling up every chance she gets which is nerve-wracking as some items fall over on top of her. She can scoot pretty well on her belly, pulling with her hands and pushing with her toes to get from A to B, in addition to rolling all over as well. She is SO smiley and continues to be her big sister's biggest fan and best audience. She screeches and yells and experiments with her voice as often as she can, and so far it is still pretty adorable.
Harper LOVES to eat! She eats just about anything we offer her from apples to zucchini and most foods in between, We are still breastfeeding as well and that continues to be enjoyable for both of us.
Next up, we are about ready to move her into a convertible car seat and ditch the infant seat as she has almost outgrown the length maximum.
She still has blue eyes though a darker shade than mine, and her hair has stayed brown so far.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year was the same as any other, except we have a new participant in the family festivities, Harper Joy! We went to Oma's for dinner which was delicious, Aunt Kathy and Oma really outdid themselves. I made a sweet potato dish that was pretty yummy. Harper had squash and oatmeal and enjoyed watching Avery run around with Steven, Anthony and Hailey. There is definitely never a dull moment when those kiddos get together. Avery didn't really eat much of the dinner, which was surprising, but I think she just prefered to play with her cousins. After dinner and dessert we headed up to Lake Arrowhead to spend a few days with Alex's family.

We had a great time in Arrowhead, and the girls did pretty good with the drive.
We were able to get a decent family photo taken in the backyard (our beloved Bailey dog even snuck in the picture on the left, not the chocolate lab, that is Shirley)

Now we are ready to celebrate Christmas! Cannot WAIT for the holidays this year!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Harper is 6 months

Wow, how time flies! This has been a BIG month for Harper, so many changes since she turned 5 months. Most important one is she is now officially sleeping through the night, WOOHOO! I never minded waking up with her once or twice to nurse but it is nice to get solid sleep (although my "mama clock" still wakes me up around 2, but I am sure that will stop soon).

She is also eating solid foods twice a day. She gets oatmeal for breakfast and a veggie for dinner. Feeding Harper is a very messy and often loud experience, as we can't seem to feed her fast enough and she yells at us, but she will smile from ear to ear when we do "airplane" with the spoon, SO cute! We have tried avocado (not a fan), squash (LOVES IT) and carrots (hates it). I think we will do peas next and maybe revisit avocado. We still breastfeed the rest of the day and it continues to go very well. She loves it and shows no signs of wanting to stop, thank goodness, since I would like to avoid formula completely and make it to one year when we can introduce cow's milk. So far, so good!

Harper has been sitting up unassisted for about 2 weeks now and gets more solid everyday. Now she rarely falls back when looking up or forward when looking down, unless she intends to roll onto her belly. And she is quite the roller! She is ALL over the place and often scrunches her legs up and pushes with her feet, "scooting" herself around.
She loves to jump in her jumperoo, and enjoys sitting on the ground playing with whatever toys Avery doesn't currently want.

We still aren't on much of a schedule with Harper which has proved challenging when leaving her with a babysitter (which we will have done 4 times this month!) as we sort of wing it most days. She does get tired around 8:30 or 9 in the morning but rarely gets a solid nap as we are always out the door doing something with our friends or Stroller Strides. Sometimes she will fall asleep around noon in the car, other days it is not until 2...but we do have a bit of a routine at night. She eats her dinner around 5:30, and will hang out until we are done eating dinner around 6:30. We give the girls a bath, and Harper is generally asleep by 7 or 7:30. Avery gets to stay up playing and reading books until 8.

Another big milestone for Harper this month...she broke through her first tooth!! Avery's first tooth didn't arrive until 8 months, just after we finished nursing. Harper, true to her second-born status, broke her first tooth through 2 months earlier. So far it hasn't affected nursing and it shouldn't as the tongue covers the bottom gum line during proper latch, but she is sticking her tongue out over it more often which is very cute. In this pic (taken today, 11/14/12) it looks like the one just next to it will pop through soon as well. She hasn't been extra fussy or seem to be in pain, just tired and very oral as always.
I swear, I truly didn't think it was possible to love TWO babies as much as I do, but Harper sure does have a special place in my heart and I simply cannot get enough of her these days. She is just the cutest, sweetest, funniest little baby and I am more in love with her with every day that passes.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All things Halloween!

While one of my least favorite holidays, this Halloween I was really looking forward to dressing my girls up in matching costumes and taking Avery trick or treating around our neighborhood.
The festivities began on the Saturday before Halloween, when we went to Halloween on Elm in downtown Carlsbad. It is an entirely free festival with all the businesses offering candy to trick or treaters, balloon animal-makers, face painters, bounce houses, slides, crafts, drawings and a costume contest. The downside of free festivals are the CROWDS! But Avery seemed to get the concept of trick or treating better than last year, though she wanted to sit down and eat every piece of candy as she received it...
On Halloween day, we had a big party with my amazing playgroup at our house. We had a great turn-out and the kiddos looked adorable, of course. I got to try a few fun Pinterest party snacks and everyone had a great time!

Monster mouths
(apples with peanut butter and almond slices)

"Pumpkin" rice krispie treats

Monster yogurt cups
(tinted vanilla yogurt with mini choco chips on top)
15 kids in this pic and there were at least 5 not pictured...

Avery checking out Kathleen's awesome beekeeper costume
(with her bumblebee Rhys in the background!)

Ref Connor playing at the sand table

Some of us moms

"Katy Perry" jumping on the trampoline with Avery, Connor and Karsen

My sweet cupcakes!!
Later that night we went to our friends the Labrums house for dinner and treats, then trick or treated all the way home! Avery didn't get to bed until almost 9 and we didn't get to bed until after 11.
What an exhausting but fun day! I think the older the girls get the more "into" this holiday we will become. :)
Until next year...


Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebrating baby Penny

My brother and his wife Lauren are happily expecting my first niece, Penelope Louise or Penny Lou, in mid-December. The girls and I attended her baby shower hosted by Lauren's mom and other sis-in-law, Ilene this weekend in Agua Dulce. The shower, just like Penny's room, was red white and blue themed. Avery had a great time playing with Ilene's twins Olivia and Emma, and just generally loving all the attention she was getting from the ladies. She "helped" Auntie Lauren open some gifts and dispose of the tissue paper (which, as Lauren recognized, drove me crazy since I love to save tissue paper like the true psycho that I am, haha!) Avery even won a prize in the onesie decorating contest for "most Picasso-ish" (I neglected to get a picture of it, but you can just imagine)!

While we were there, Corey, Alex, my dad and some of Corey's buddies had a "Diapers and Beer" shower at Corey and Lauren's new townhome, which consisted pretty much of lots of beer drinking, football watching and eating of the yummy food Lauren made for them that morning.

Corey and Lauren are going to make the most amazing parents and got a little practice in playing with Avery and Harper for two days. We always love visiting with them and we CANNOT WAIT to meet baby Penny when she arrives in 2 short months!!
As always, enjoy the photos.


We also enjoyed spending a few hours with my BFF and her family, Courtney Coleman. She made a delish dinner for us as well as the kiddos. The girls are having more fun playing together the older they get, it is so cute to see. At the end of the night we put them in their pj's and put on a movie so we could drink wine talk. Had a great time and the visit was not long enough, as always! xoxo
Sweet Ressie girl was already in bed, so we missed her in this pic.