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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alex's First Father's Day!

What a special day it was! We arrived from Catalina the evening before and stayed with Alex's grandparents in Newport Beach so we would be there early for the fishing "expedition" on our little boat Sunday morning. Us ladies hung out and waited for the guys to get back with their catch (lots of mackrel and one sand shark! The guys had a lot of fun though the fish weren't really biting) and got the lunch feast ready. We did gifts and cards and had a great time celebrating Alex, Ken, Al and my dad John.
I truly owe so much to my dad and my husband and I hope they both know how much I appreciate their love and support!
Enjoy the pictures

Helping Dada read his card and open his gifts
(picture collage and t-shirt from Maui)

Daddy's Little Girl


"A three hour tour"

Daddy's Day photo shoot

Cruising the Lido boardwalk

Swinging with Great-Grandma Pat!

Showing Yai Yai her new trick

My Daddy reading his card

Gift for Ken from Julie

Big Al got a cool new hat!

Alex's favorite gift, remote control helicopter!

Happy Birthday Ken!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

11 Months!

It is hard to believe that my baby is one month away from being 1! What a month it has turned out to be! We had our first family vacation in Maui for 11 days (and we were there on June 2 so no photo shoot this month. Though we have over 800 photos, mostly of her anyway, from the trip, haha!) She did great on the flight and as a vacation buddy, we are so glad she was easy to travel with, aside from all the luggage she requires!
Here is some stats about our 11 month old:
  • Avery weighs 26 pounds and is wearing 18-24 month clothing and size 3 shoes.
  • She is eating all kinds of foods and likes most things she tries, but cheese sticks are definitely her favorite thing to eat!
  • She has 5 teeth (three on top, two on the bottom) still and doesn't seem to be teething
  • SHE IS WALKING!!! She took her first independent steps (14 of them, to be exact!) on June 11 and she has been a walking machine since. Just today (14th) she has let go of objects and walked all by herself across the room! So exciting!
  • Avery is quite a social butterfly. Loves waving at anyone who looks in her general direction and enjoys watching and playing alongside other kids.
  • We have been going to the gym and she has done great in the kids club
Birthday party planning is reaching a fever-pitch! So grateful to my mom and Alex for their help and support, I am really looking forward to her luau!

Enjoy the video of her first steps but MUTE YOUR COMPUTER, mommy screams pretty loudly, haha! Very exciting for me :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


11 days in paradise with my 2 favorite people?!? Yes please!  To be honest I was a little nervous about Avery's first plane ride but she was great! She is happiest when she is getting attention from everyone at all times so planes are a great venue for her. I was also nervous about the time change (Hawaii is 3 hours behind California) but we all did great with it.
We had such a great time being together and exploring the island. Maui is a very kid-friendly place to visit and we were so glad to have Avery there with us and be a part of all the memories we made. We have always loved to travel and we are so fortunate to have an easy-going, loveable baby that just makes our travels that much more fun!
Enjoy the pictures!
First plane ride!

Waterfall IN our hotel lobby!
Our room at the Westin
First night sunset, officially in paradise!
Drinks at Hula Grill
Mermaid baby
Heading to go swimming with daddy
Road to Hana trip!
Seven Sacred Pool stop in Haleakala Park
Too cold to swim in the pools so we did a photo shoot on a grassy overlook
Waterfall on the Road to Hana
Banyan Tree in Lahaina
Sea turtle at Black Rock, Kaanapali
Honolua Bay
Snorkeling at Honolua...Avery wasn't a big fan!
Banana for breakfast every morning, after a few days we had a routine down
Afraid of the tiki man in Pai'a, but we had to get a picture!!
Orchid in her hair, at Mama's Fish House in Pai'a...SO DELICIOUS!
Canoe baby
Stand-up Paddling in Kaanapali
So many great memories (and a pretty good tan too!)
Baby posing in Whalers Village
Family shot on our last night
Sad to leave...Aloha and Mahalo Maui!