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Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall 2014

Even though it felt more like a sweltering summer than a brisk fall, it was a fun one in our amazing little Village by the Sea of Carlsbad. Here's what we have been up to!

Pumpkin patch visits...

 Hanging out at the park (with pumpkins of course)...

Attending the final of 6 weddings we were invited to this year (Congrats Chris and Jen!!)...

Grady and Nolen stole the show a little bit

Table 11 baby!

Such a handsome little guy 

The groom with my boys

Two new brides from other weddings we went to this year! Staci Halac above 
and Leila Kunishige below

And, I got to go to a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show in Burbank with my mommy group to see Taylor Swift perform! (special thanks to Alex for taking the day off work and holding down the fort!)

Avery is playing soccer again with Little Rascalz at the park near our house...

Grady (playing at the park while sissy plays soccer) wants to be a big boy SO bad

And of course, visits to Legoland and the Aquarium!

Watching Charger football games with friends...

Enjoying our perfect weather with lots of time spent outside...

And, of course, trips to Costco!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner!

Halloween 2014

October will forever be a crazy month for us now with Grady's birthday and all the Halloween festivities we participate in. Avery was sure she wanted to be Tinkerbell so I decided Grady would be a pirate, and Harper could be another fairy from our dress-up trunk.
First up was our playgroup Halloween party. We had 40 kids and all their parents in our house! It was pretty crazy but a good time was had by all.

little Dylan and Becker

Next up was a harvest festival at North Coast Calvary Church up the street. We went with a few neighbors and the kids had a great time! Harper decided she wanted to be a bunny a few hours before we were to leave for the party, so I whipped a little costume up for her! Turned out pretty cute. Grady was Superman and Avery stuck with her Tinkerbell costume.

There was a Halloween carnival at the elementary school where Avery will attend Kindergarten next fall right behind our house. We have many friends with kids there and we are close with the principal of the school and his family, as they live 2 houses down from us. 
The kids had a great time playing games and eating treats from the food trucks. This time Harper decided she wanted to be Sophia the First, so Grady was her bunny friend from the show, Clover. Avery, again was Tinkerbell!

Halloween fell on a Friday this year, so Avery had school. While they don't allow dressing up they have Crazy Hair Day. Avery took some funny pics with her good friend Koa.

When we took out all those little buns this is what her hair looked like!

We could hardly wait to go trick or treating that night! Our friends and neighbors the Wolfe's, had us and a few other families over for a delicious chili dinner before we headed out to knock on doors. Last year, Grady was 2 weeks old and Harper spent most of the time in the stroller, save for going to 2 or 3 houses. This year, Harper knocked on EVERY door and was so excited to get a bucketful of candy! Avery was running ahead with the older kids and was almost out of sight most of the night. Grady was bundled up in our stroller with his buddy Jack.

We decided to skip the candy this year and hand out water bottles instead. It was a hit!

We outfitted the kids with safety lights so we wouldn't lose track of them in the dark. I think we finally have this thing figured out!

Jack and Grady

No dressing up for us. Comfortable parents are happy parents!

Can't wait until next year!