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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Avery is 3 months old!!

I know I am a little late on the 3 month photo shoot, but just go with it :)
Our little girl continues to grow and change before our eyes, and literally every day brings new and fun things she can do.

  • We don't know exactly how much she weighs now, but we know she is getting up there because our arms ache after just a few minutes! 
  • She is "talking" a ton and smiling at everything and everyone (my favorite thing to do is poke my face over her crib when she wakes up in the morning and watch the biggest grin spread across her face!) 
  • She can reach for toys and almost always successfully place them into her mouth 
  • She is wearing size 2 diapers and fits into all of her 3-6 month clothes 
  • She has moved on from the Soothie newborn pacifier to a regular Nuk one
  • She is getting strong enough to sit up in her Bumbo seat and enjoy her jumperoo
  • Her hair is getting lighter but is still pretty fluffy
  • She is still exclusively breast-feeding and eats about 5 oz 5-7 times a day
  • She is sleeping 7-9 hour stretches consistently (woohoo!)
We recently took Avery and Roo to a big park near our house for our little photo shoot. One thing remains the same about our little girl as the months progress: She is beyond adorable and so fun to photograph! Enjoy :)


Bumbo seat

Tummy time
Pretty baby
Happy girl
Loves kisses from Daddy
Me and smiling Avery
Roo kisses!
First pair of Crocs! Can't wait until she fits into them

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  1. Hi to you both, how very precious. These are the best days.