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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wild Animal Park

On Sunday, July 31, we took Avery to the Wild Animal Park for the first time (my first visit to the park too!) It was insanely hot and the park is big and sprawling so we were sweaty and sticky by the end of the day. Because the park was packed, the tram line was too long for us to ride so we walked everywhere. We saw sleeping tigers, grazing gazelles and giraffes, a huge male lion laying right against the viewing glass, lots of birds and Avery got to pet some friendly goats. It was a fun trip and I learned a few things for next time (bring LOTS of water and snacks, they don't check your bags; pack an extra outfit, towel and swim diaper for Avery because they have a little water park area; wear a hat and bring LOTS of sunscreen!)
Enjoy the pictures!

We are here! (outside temp 92 degrees, ugh)

ready to see some animals!

First stop: Fisher Price exhibit

playing with toys

tiger lying  in the shade of the tree (look closely!)

Checking out the giraffes with Dada

Walking to go see the lions

Grazing gazelles

"Oh!" birds :)

BIG lion

Cooling off at the splash pad

Yup, we were that "white trash" family with a naked baby at an amusement park!
HAHA! It was SO hot and poor baby needed to cool off, I didn't even care!
Petting the goats

Avery is fearless! Went right up to them

Loving the misters :)

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  1. LMAO at the white trash comment. Looks like you had some fun!