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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year was the same as any other, except we have a new participant in the family festivities, Harper Joy! We went to Oma's for dinner which was delicious, Aunt Kathy and Oma really outdid themselves. I made a sweet potato dish that was pretty yummy. Harper had squash and oatmeal and enjoyed watching Avery run around with Steven, Anthony and Hailey. There is definitely never a dull moment when those kiddos get together. Avery didn't really eat much of the dinner, which was surprising, but I think she just prefered to play with her cousins. After dinner and dessert we headed up to Lake Arrowhead to spend a few days with Alex's family.

We had a great time in Arrowhead, and the girls did pretty good with the drive.
We were able to get a decent family photo taken in the backyard (our beloved Bailey dog even snuck in the picture on the left, not the chocolate lab, that is Shirley)

Now we are ready to celebrate Christmas! Cannot WAIT for the holidays this year!!

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