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Monday, January 28, 2013

Harper is 8 months!

My little lovebug is 8 months old! I feel like this past month from she has grown SO much!

She is officially on the move, scooting, crawling and cruising her way into trouble. We have to put the dog food up now and keep Avery's potty out of her line of vision.
She weighs about 20 pounds, wears size 3 diapers and size 9-12 months clothes.
Harper still has just the two bottom teeth but I suspect the top chompers aren't far behind.
We transitioned Harper to a convertible car seat this week, as she outgrew the infant seat in inches. She seems to like it but this means I have to sit in the car when she is asleep and now we have to get another seat for our double stroller.

Harper continues to eat everything we offer her. We have started some finger foods for her (steamed fruits and veggies so far) and she is getting better at getting the goods into her mouth. We are still making her food every few days or so and she will eat any combo we serve her. Zucchini/carrot/pear or squash/spinach/mango or quinoa/black bean/banana are all received happily by our hungry hippo Harper.

Avery loves to help feed her sissy but doesn't quite have the finesse Mom and Dad do. Harper, of course, doesn't mind one bit! Any attention from her big sister welcome attention.


We are on the go as always, trying to keep up with big sister. We go to the aquarium, the park, Legoland and we recently took a train down to Seaport Village to ride the carousel and walk around.

On Jan 27th at 8.5 months old, she confirmed our predictions that she'd be an early walker by taking her first (assisted) steps. Look out!!

We have had an unusually warm month which, of course, means lots of beach days!

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