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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Harper is TWO!!!

Oh Harper Joy, how do I even begin to describe what you mean to me and this family?? While I could write a novel on the subject of my second daughter, the baby who was a middle child long before her brother came along, the blue-eyed girl I had always dreamed I would have, I will simply say this: You are a gorgeous little spit fire who challenges me as a parent to no end, but whom I love with such ferocity that I find myself welling up with pride and adoration at the mere sound of your adorable little voice. When I was expecting you, I was worried I wouldn't be able to love another baby as much as I loved your sister, my first born, before you. I felt so guilty that Avery was no longer the center of my world that I cried real tears for weeks before you arrived. But on your due date at 40 weeks exactly, on May 11, 2012 you began your life by showing me an incredible strength I had no clue that I possessed. After 4 exciting and terrifying hours you were in my arms, FINALLY, and every fear I had ever had about not loving you enough or worsening Avery's life, melted away with your little cry and the grip of your hand on my finger. Every day since then I have wanted to tear my hair out as I fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

However, all that being said, you are indeed a second child and for that, in addition to the fact that your birthday fell on Mother's Day this year, we did not have a birthday party for you. Instead, we took our little family to California Adventure and Disneyland!

Meeting Flick!

Birthday ice cream treat

They serve beer at California Adventure. Best $14 ever spent. Ever.


Dumbo ride 

Meeting Merida!

Grady was such a trooper, of course

First Mickey ears!

Sweets for my sweet

You are incredibly articulate which is a blessing because you are able to use your words to express your feelings, desires and EVERY SINGLE observation you have, and so far you are easier at 2 than you were at 18 months. You ADORE your big sister and you are happiest when running around after her doing whatever she does (good and bad!) Harper, you are so sweet to your little brother and he loves watching and listening to you all day long.

Now that you are two, you are demanding to do things all by yourself, and can put on your own clothes (mostly) on your own. You are so helpful with Grady and in general you enjoy doing things to help mommy. Daddy can do no wrong in your eyes and you miss him when he is at work, and melt at night when he scratches your back and sings you songs to sleep.

Happy birthday my Harper Joy!! We love you to the moon and back!

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