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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Avery's Baptism

On Sunday, December 5th, Avery Patricia was baptised at St Edwards Catholic Church where Alex and I were married. We were touched by how many of our family and friends (we had the largest group at the church, took up 5 pews!!) drove from near and far to attend the ceremony and to help us celebrate.
The ceremony was lovely and fairly quick, as Avery was baptised with 8 other children. We were last to go to the font, and she was such a patient and sweet girl (not surprisingly) while she was passed around. Mom and Dad were a little less patient, taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook during the ceremony, haha! She looked absolutely delicious in her gown that we bought in San Juan a few days before (had to make sure she fit into it!) and she was silent when the water was being poured on her head, she even smiled at the priest the third and final pour! The aromatic oil they poured on her head made her hair stick up, and invited everyone to give her noggin a sniff.
The group went back to Ken and Solange's house for snacks and drinks, and to shower Avery with kisses and generous gifts. All in all it was a very memorable day, and Alex and I could not be more grateful for the people in our lives that love Avery as much as we do. She is fortunate to be raised amongst so much love and support.
Thank you ALL!!! As always, enjoy the pictures :)
Getting dressed (at the very last minute to keep the dress white!)

This was a 2 person job

Our Holy Cupcake, haha

Passed out under her name

Grammy Candy and Godfather Corey

Grammy Solange

Godmother Jessalyn and Godfather Corey

Getting (warm) water poured on her head


Made her hair stick up like a mohawk!

Godparents Corey and Jessalyn, Alex, Avery and I and the priest

Outfit change at home

Jess and Avery

Lauren, Avery and Corey

Tuckered out, what a day!

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