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Monday, December 6, 2010

Avery is 5 months!

Avery is growing and developing new skills every day.  It is getting hard to remember what it was like before she first joined our family 5 months ago. She is wearing size 3 diapers, 6 month clothing and must weigh at least 18 pounds! She is out-growing clothes and toys faster than we can replace them, but I enjoy shopping with her so it is more a pleasure than a problem.
She has been eating rice cereal at dinner time for a few weeks now, and we recently started replacing a late morning meal with the stuff as well. Avery seems to be teething (everything goes into her mouth, drooling uncontrollably) but nothing has broken through yet (thank goodness! I hope those pearly whites wait a few more months until we wean from nursing!)
She is rolling over from her tummy to her back easily now, and can roll the other way when she is motivated. She can sit up on her own with a little support and reaches for toys in front of her. She sits in the "big girl" side of her bath tub (not reclined) and plays with bath toys. She really enjoys checking things out and LOVES other kids and dogs.
Avery continues to be an absolute joy in our lives and we are especially excited for sharing this holiday season with our little girl.
Enjoy the pictures!
(for a kick, look back to my post on August 2 when she was 1 month old!)
Denim diapers!

The infamous sign...

Happy, drooly girl

Sitting up on her own (kind of)

Then my sign becomes lunch

Super cute outfit from Tio Chuca and Tia Fly

Avery shares her toys with Roo

Tuckered out after the shoot
(check out the bite marks in my sign! It's like a shark got to it, haha!
Imagine when there are teeth in that mouth, yikes!)

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  1. Love the denim diapers I can't wait to use them on Brady, he is yet to fit in size 3 though!! She is adorable . . . love the blog!