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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Avery is 6 months!

After Avery's 6 month pediatrician appointment we decided to go ahead with feeding her "real" food (if liquidy, un-seasoned and pretty unappetizing peas and water can even be called food) for the first time. Carrots went over much better the following day. Next is string beans, then sweet potatoes and then we will give peas another shot.
At 6 months, Avery is 19 pounds, 27.5 inches long and is reaching all the developmental milestones right on schedule (rolling both ways, recognizing her name, passing objects from hand to hand, sitting up unassisted, holding her own bottle...)
We went on a bike ride with her new bike seat that fits on my bike, and we had a great time! She spent most of the time reaching for her feet but that might have been because the helmet blocks some of her view. We are looking forward to using it all the time as the weather gets warmer.
True to form, we are moving again, haha! This time last year I was 4 months pregnant so I wasn't able to help very much (which was awesome). We found a big house just up the street from where we have been living in Carlsbad this past year, and we are looking forward to the space and having EVERYONE over soon!
Enjoy some pictures!

Pre-pea excitement

sippy cup attempt #1, didn't really get it!

Cutie in a box

Avery is packed! Let's go!

 Don't forget Roo!!

Little robe

Cutie pie wearing 6-12 months clothes

Family bike ride

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  1. Tish, thanks for the sweet words on our blog. And same to you....such a cutie! Peas didn't go over too well in our household either. She mostly likes the orange foods (carrots, sweet potatoes, and of course bananas and apples.) Good luck with the feeding. And we found that the easiest sippy cups were cheap generic ones that flow easily instead of her having to suck. I love watching Avery grow.