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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gymboree Music Class

(I realize I am a little out of order here, the 30th Birthday blog will follow this one!)
I have recently joined a few Meet Up mommy groups in my area and we do lots of free activities around North County. Today, Avery and I went to a free trial for a baby music class at Gymboree in Solana Beach. We both had lots of fun and it was great seeing Avery interact with other babies her age.  She was only one of two girls in the class of 8 kids (and the cutest of both genders, of course) and did a great job interacting with the other babies and paying attention to the instructor. I learned a few new songs to add to my (meager) reptoire and it was a great time!
Enjoy the pictures (from my cell phone, thus the not so great quality)!
She loved to put all the props in her mouth! Thank goodness she is vaccinated!

Avery and the boys

Music class cutie!

Playing the drum

Inspecting the poor Pergo job...nothing gets by this one! Haha!

Little name tag :)


  1. cute! her hair is starting to grow in thicker! wittle wuv bug! xoxo

  2. She is such a DOLL!!! love those chunky lil legs :)