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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This past weekend, we thought it would be appropriate to drive up to Arrowhead and properly enjoy the "storm" that was predicted to hit southern California. I can now say that I have seen snow fall from the sky 3 times in my life and it has not yet ceased to amaze me. Waking up to a fresh, dusty blanket of sparkling powder all over EVERYTHING is truly a sight to see.  Just beautiful.
Alex was like a kid, waking up early and heading out right away to make a sled run for us to take Avery down. It was so much fun! She has always been our "extreme" baby, immensely enjoying being jostled, surprised and "dropped" and now we can add barreling down an icy path on our laps to that list! She braved the cold well and didn't seem the least bit bothered by it, though we didn't stay outside with her for too long.
All in all, Alex and I enjoyed relaxing by the fire, watching movies and playing Scrabble together and Avery seemed to enjoy crawling all over and trying to stand up on every available piece of furniture! Whew! She is really on the move now (stay tuned for her 8 month update coming in a few days!)
Enjoy the pictures.

Bundled up for a snow day (Friday)

Smiling in the snow

Snow-George and us

Sledding with Dad and Roo

Daddy made her a snow chair!

Saturday morning, woke up to 3 feet of snow! 

Dude, where's our car???

Sledding with Mom

Dad spent 6 hours shoveling our car out 
to move it to covered parking

Bath in the sink!


Taking sledding into her own hands (just kidding!)

Klingensmith Cabin

At the Belgian Waffle House 

Feeding the ducks and posing with Dad

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  1. Great Pictures! Enjoyed your adventure like I was there! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Annette Annaloro