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Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Pony Ride

This weekend we went to the Wild West Fest at Historic Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad. We came at the very end of it due to Avery's long morning nap, and we weren't sure it would even be worth it. Well, I think we will only come to the end of any festival we ever go to, it was awesome! Everything was closing up and people were leaving so a family gave us 6 tickets on their way out so we were able to go into the salsa tasting, get a free bowl of chili, make a necklace for Avery and hang out on the grass and watch the peacocks walk around the grounds. They also had pony rides and we thought Avery was too little to go on them, but before they cleaned up the nice pony handler said, "You want to put her on?" I was like, "YES!!" Alex was worried she would fall off or be scared but she was a champ! She waved at everyone as she went around the circle and bounced up and down in her saddle and had a ball. We didn't bring the nice camera but snapped some pics on my cell phone.
Playing on the grass

Checking out the contents of mom's purse


Me and my girl


They were everywhere and sound like crying babies

On the pony!

So happy, and sporting the necklace mommy made her

Loved it

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