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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alex's First Father's Day!

What a special day it was! We arrived from Catalina the evening before and stayed with Alex's grandparents in Newport Beach so we would be there early for the fishing "expedition" on our little boat Sunday morning. Us ladies hung out and waited for the guys to get back with their catch (lots of mackrel and one sand shark! The guys had a lot of fun though the fish weren't really biting) and got the lunch feast ready. We did gifts and cards and had a great time celebrating Alex, Ken, Al and my dad John.
I truly owe so much to my dad and my husband and I hope they both know how much I appreciate their love and support!
Enjoy the pictures

Helping Dada read his card and open his gifts
(picture collage and t-shirt from Maui)

Daddy's Little Girl


"A three hour tour"

Daddy's Day photo shoot

Cruising the Lido boardwalk

Swinging with Great-Grandma Pat!

Showing Yai Yai her new trick

My Daddy reading his card

Gift for Ken from Julie

Big Al got a cool new hat!

Alex's favorite gift, remote control helicopter!

Happy Birthday Ken!

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