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Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter, 2012

Easter is one of those fun holidays for kids that, now as a mom, I really look forward to. My brother and I always got an Easter basket the morning of easter with little goodies in it (I still do, thanks momma!!), and I was excited to put one together for Avery this year. I stayed away from candy and just gathered little toys and books and bubbles for her basket, and we filled eggs with Goldfish and raisins for her to find in the backyard. She got to participate in 3 separate egg hunts this year, starting with one at the park near our house. Avery had a great time putting eggs in her basket, dumping them out and then putting them back in again. She also cared more about opening each egg as she found it to see what was inside, rather than gathering them all first. On Easter morning, Dada hid a bunch of the eggs we stuffed in the backyard and she opened and ate the contents of each one before going on to the next...kinda boring for mom and dad, lol! Finally, we went to Yaya and Papa's house for Easter dinner and they had a little hunt for her as well. Again, she wanted each egg opened as she found them so it took awhile!
It was a wonderful weekend with lots of fun things for Avery to do and the weather was beautiful.
Can't wait for Harper to join in the fun next Easter!
Enjoy the pictures.

We visited the Easter Bunny at the mall, and Avery was scared at first but Itsy Bitsy Spider will always put a smile on this kid's face no matter what is going on!

Ready for the hunt at Poinsettia Park

Posing with daddy

"Hunting" for eggs (they put them in little piles on the grass, haha)

Hello, I am SO CUTE!

Monkeying around

Me and my girl

Family Easter shot

Loves the bouncy house!

Backyard egg hung (she insisted on wearing the hat with her mismatched PJ's)

Third hunt at Yaya's house

And the highlight of her weekend: swimming in the hot tub!

With this floatie vest thing, she could actually swim all by herself!
She did NOT want to get out, after almost 2 hours!

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