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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The week of fun for Avery!

With baby Harper's impending arrival (any day now!) Alex has been SO helpful and wanting to be around us that we have taken advantage of the family time and filled our days with fun!

It all started last Wednesday with a trip to the Sea Life Aquarium with Avery's best buds, Aubrie and Connor.

That evening we had Heather, Dave and little Lily McDonald over for dinner and to stay the night. The next morning we went to the Wild Animal Park out in Escondido (which was closer to our hospital than our house, so we weren't worried). The girls had a great time and we got a lot of walking in, and enjoyed spending time with our friends.

Avery and Lily on the tram at the WAP

Silly girl

We have had some great weather,
so we went to the beach to fly our kite and play in the sand!

Hold on tight!

In continuing the week of fun, we took Avery to Legoland! I bought a season pass to Legoland/Water Park/Sea Life Aquarium 2 weeks ago, and we went with my mom and Avery had a blast! Alex hadn't been since Halloween and half the park was closed, so Avery and I were excited to bring him with us this time.

The water park at Legoland is SO FUN and perfect for Avery's age!
Avery and I were free with my pass and Alex was only $15.

The tower to the left of them does this below every few minutes!

Woah that's a lot of water!

Time to go home and Avery was NOT ready to leave!

We have had so much fun hanging out with our best girl and giving her all the love and attention we can before we rock her world and bring her little sister into our family. As excited and ready as I am to have another baby, and as thrilled as I am for Avery to grow  up with a sibling, it is a little sad to know that our lives will never be the same VERY soon!

I am due Friday (in 3 days!!) and while things seem to be progressing, I am still pregnant and my next appointment isn't until Thursday (May 10th) morning. I will update the blog again then (if I don't get sent straight to the hospital, which is what I am hoping will happen!)

Final belly pic, 39 weeks:

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  1. so cute, we did the same thing before Nolan was born lots of special "dates" as Ainsleigh calls them. We still try to take each child on special "dates" so they can know what its like to have just mommy or daddy time.

    ps. you have to change the name of your blog now :o)