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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Avery vs Harper

Harper is almost 3 weeks old now and I still cannot tell who she looks like! She definitely resembles her sister, and to see just how much she does, I decided to put some photos up of Harper and Avery at the same age.
Birth announcements

 Avery on her birthday 7lb 7oz

Harper on her birthday 9lb 5oz

Avery and me after 12 hours of labor and 1 hr 45 min of pushing

Harper and me after 5 hours of labor and 15 minutes of pushing

Avery on her way home 2 days after birth

Harper on her first car ride 24 hours after birth

Avery, 1 month old

 Harper, 1 week old

Avery, 8 days old

Harper, 2 weeks old

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