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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Harper's Pinwheel Birthday Party

Harper was born on Friday, May 11 which means her first birthday fell on a Saturday (Avery was also born on a Friday making her first birthday also on a Saturday! Let's hope Grady keeps up with the tradition as it is nice celebrating their birthdays on the actual day).
We celebrated by having a small-ish Pinwheel and Lemonade themed party for her here at our home with family and a few friends and neighbors.

It was a beautiful day! Harper was a bit overwhelmed by all the people and the attention at first, but did much better after she was fed by Yaya and Grandpa John.

Papa Ken, Grandma Pat and Grandpa John
The "kids" all had fun on the trampoline...
Harper and Karissa
Yaya and Harper getting warm in the sun :)
I enjoyed doing a few crafty projects for the party (of course). I made a fabric bunting banner and turned it into a birthday sign. I also put together a timeline of her monthly photos so everyone could see how she's grown. As I already posted on my Crafty Crafty post, I tried my hand at applique and made the birthday shirt with a pinwheel and number 1. And of course, there were lots of pinwheels (thanks to my friend Courtney who made most of them when she threw the same theme party for her daughter Reese a year ago!)
The best part of a first birthday party is to watch the honoree tear into the cake! I made Harper's from an organic vanilla box mix and added strawberries. I also made it a bit healthier by subbing applesauce in for oil and using greek yogurt in place of milk. I used Cool Whip as frosting (which I don't recommend as it gets pretty soupy when it softens, but Harper loved it!). The rest of the guests snacked off the desert table complete with lemon bars, lemon cakes, cream puffs, Ring Pops and raspberry lemonade.
She was a bit overwhelmed by everyone singing her happy birthday but she sure did love her cake and had no problem sharing it with anyone who wanted a slobbery chunk, and surprisingly there were a few takers :)


We can't thank everyone enough who came to help us celebrate our sweet baby girl! This year has just raced by (I know, I know) and we are still in disbelief that she's ONE! Can't wait for all the milestones we have yet to reach with our little Harper Joy.
We just love her to bits!



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  1. it's so beautiful to watch your growing family! love seeing you share the wonderful details, Tish :)