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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Harper is walking!

10 days after her first birthday, Harper just up and decided "I am done crawling, I am going to stand up like my big sister!" And honestly, I have never seen anything cuter! She is such a pro, it is as if she has been doing it for weeks, not hours! She can stop and start again, turn around, bend down to pick something up and keeps on going! Of course she falls every now and again, but then she is right back up on the move.

She holds her arms up a bit for balance and it is so funny (to us). I am even more excited to dress her everyday knowing she isn't going to be dragging her legs all over the ground now. Also, shoes are finally a necessity not just an accessory! And I love my shoes just as much as the next girl ;)

Avery is so proud of Harper too. She always says "Momma, Harper is walking so well!" Or she will run and tell me, "Mom! Harper is walking!!" It is so cute and Avery is certainly one of her little sister's biggest fans.
Just another bittersweet milestone to check off the list for this happy/sad mama.

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