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Monday, November 28, 2011

And It's A..............


GIRL!! Alex and I (and especially Avery) are THRILLED to announce that we are having another sweet little baby girl! I have always wanted a sister and I am so thankful that Avery will have a built-in best bud joining her in a few months. I have a lot of close girlfriends and of course a wonderful brother (and a new sis by marriage!) but from what I am told and what I have observed, there is no relationship more rocky, rewarding and ever-lasting than the one between sisters. Avery is SO LUCKY to get to experience that.

For those that have asked, we do have plans to have more kids after this if we are so fortunate, and while we would love to have a boy eventually this little girl is everything we hoped for.

And since I have also been asked this question, no, Alex is not upset or disappointed in the least about having another daughter. Alex is one of those very special men that was meant to raise little girls and these two are so fortunate to have him as their daddy.

Here are some pictures of our healthy little one from our 15 week gender ultra-sound.

Little beauty, 15 weeks 3 days

Waving hello!

Avery practicing carrying around a baby

Seems like it might fall out...yikes

I made pink cake pops to reveal the gender to the family at Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh sweetie congrats!!!! Another GIRL! That is oh so very exciting!

  2. I think Avery is such a lucky little girl. I know my two will always be such good friends but I would love for Ainsleigh to have a sister as well. Congratulations K family! I am so so so happy for you!!!

  3. Yay so excited for you all! Our girls will be right in between your girls :-) I have two sisters and it's a one-of-a-kind bond...one minute you're screaming at each other in the bathroom and the next you're painting each others nails! It will be so much fun to watch all our girls grow up!