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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Normally, I am not a fan of this holiday. Anyone who knows me knows I do not enjoy being scared or scary stuff in general. The costumes I have worn in the past have been uninspired and last-minute and I would gladly skip the whole holiday altogether.
But this year was so different! I had SO MUCH FUN sharing the tradition of dressing up and trick-or-treating with Avery, who loved every minute of it. This year, she was a kitty cat (true to form, a last-minute costume) which consisted of printed pajamas I already had, some kitty ears I made out of construction paper and hot-glued to a headband I already had, and a bushy tail made out of my robe tie. Add some eyeliner whiskers and VOILA! Instant, adorable kitty cat (or cheetah...whatever).

We started the festivities with a party with one of my meet-up groups at Chuck E Cheese on Monday, then we had a double-fun Saturday where we went to a street party in downtown Carlsbad and then off to Legoland's Brick Or Treat festivities. On Sunday we went to a block party in our old neighborhood on Maple Leaf and it was so great to see all the kids from last year grown-up and running around! On Monday night we took Avery out trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. I wasn't sure how she would do with the dark and the scary decorations but she LOVED IT! She took her little candy bucket up to each door and said "Meow" b/c she couldn't really say "trick-or-treat" and each person commented on her adorable-ness and allowed her to choose candy and put it in her bucket! Back at home, she made it her personal job to run to the door when the bell rang and hand out candy to each person. Needless to say she slept well last night!

It was a long and exhausting weekend but I loved every minute of sharing it with my little family. Now I can't wait until next year! Maybe I should start planning our costumes now....
Enjoy the pics!

Our family of pumpkins

Nikki and me with the kiddos at Halloween on Elm

Gimme candy, Meow!

In the bounce house! Spent 90% of the time
getting up from falling down, but she loved it!

My cute kitty cat

At Legoland, building something with Dada

I think Legos will be on her Christmas list!

Avery in front of our old condo

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