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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Avery can say her name!

I guess that doesn't sound like a big deal and maybe it isn't, but I was shocked to learn that my own child possessed this skill the other day! We went to an OB appt to check on baby sister and the receptionist was chatting with Avery while I was checking out. She leans over the counter and asks Avery, "What is your name?" And clear as day without missing a beat, she replied, "Av-eee!" My jaw dropped!  I swear, literally every day something new pops out of her mouth and it is so exciting to us. It makes us feel so proud (and a little nervous, time to watch our language!) She needs to stop growing up so fast, boo hoo.
Anyway, she is a little shy with this new skill but Alex managed to get her saying a few choice words on video, so enjoy!

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