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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Harper's Nursery PART 2

Ok, so we have made some progress!! The painting of the room went very well over all. We have 3 light blue walls and one pink wall. The stenciling project turned out to be a doozie, which I had sort of anticipated but didn't really grasp the full scope of.
First of all, not that this is new information to anyone, but painting is a pain in the BUTT. You have to block off hours of uninterrupted time, change your clothes and have necessary supplies like water and good music on hand. All of these things become MUCH more challenging when you have a toddler running around. Needless to say, the stenciling ended up taking me close to 2 weeks since I only had 2 hours or so a day during Avery's nap to commit to it (by the time she goes to bed I am WAY too pooped to go through all of that again and I have studying to do for my classes). We got half-way done with the wall when we decided to make a slight design change and add a chair rail so the stencil wouldn't have to be continued to the floor (yipee!) and it turned out great!

Here are the painted walls and the stencil is up and ready to go.

We did a lighter shade of the same pink color as the wall, and I used the same blue on the other walls to accent part of the design.

I learned many things: definitely use spray adhesive on the back of the stencil before placing on the wall to get a tight fit so paint doesn't seep under and blur the edges of the design (put a piece of cardboard under before spraying); go slowly and use very little paint even if it is tempting to rush it; don't leave the stencil on the wall too long after finishing the stencil (the spray adhesive ripped some paint off the wall, boo)...

Here is a few repeats of the pattern. It looks awesome! The stencil has very easy to follow directions (read them FIRST!!) and has many "windows" of design that overlap with what you have already done so you are sure you have aligned it right before starting the next one. The amount of paint used is so minimal it dries as you go so I never had any problem with smudging.

And after many touch-ups, here is the finished product in the light of day!

Another shot with the blue walls in the pic.

I am VERY pleased with the way it has all turned out so far. Shout out to Alex for doing the chair rail perfectly and helping A LOT with the solid walls (and not at all with the stencil, but that is 100% due to my control issues not his lack of offering!) Now I have a few more elements to add (wall letters, mobile, glider, rug, etc) and then all we need is a sweet little BABY whose face I cannot wait to see and kiss! Eek! 14 weeks (or less, hopefully less haha) to go!

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  1. That turned out so perfect! Kudos to you--I would have started out gun-ho than ended up paying someone else haha!