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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Avery's Big Girl Room, Part 1

On September 8, Avery jumped out of her crib. She was unhurt, but it was scary and I raced into her room when I heard the thud. If there was ever a clue that we needed to transition her to a "big girl" bed, that was it! In my Lactation Educator course I completed this week, the professor has a motto: If is isn't broke, don't fix it so it is! I was stalling because Avery has always been a great sleeper and I really didn't want to mess with that, especially with a sleeping baby nearby. All my friends whose kids have transitioned swear they sleep just as well or better than before. I had visions of Avery wandering all around her room and the hallway in the middle of the night and my solid sleep being forever interrupted.
So we (well, I mostly) decided we were going to re-vamp the whole room! Her crib set is dark and light pink tulips with white and dark brown. I found a quilt at Pottery Barn with pinks and blues and grays that inspired the colors of the room.

Greenwich Garden Quilt & Sham
I envisioned a large stripe on the wall in shades of pink to match the existing dark pink curtains.
Home Depot matched the lightest and darkest pinks in the quilt and we got painting!

Step 1: paint the walls light pink (I ended up lightening the lightest pink 2 shades)
Step 2: tape out the stripe...a LOT harder than it looks

Step 3: prep the stripe tape with a bottom coat of the light pink and
caulking along the tape line to prevent bleeding (which worked pretty well!)

Step 4: remove tape and touch up any slips. So proud of how it turned out!
I put up a gallery wall of pictures and prints on the bed wall and put up some paper lanterns (both of which are not quite finished yet!)

The other side of the room has a reading nook in the corner, her small table and chairs set as a craft station with a gallery wire in the stripe to display her art projects, and a small bench where a vintage dollhouse will be. Under the window is an Ikea bookcase turned on its side, and I plan to make a cushion for it. I will take a photo of that side when I have it all finished!

The big question...How is she sleeping with her new found freedom? PERFECTLY! She naps and sleeps in her bed just as before (though she did fall out the first night and was curled up on the floor when I checked on her!) She doesn't get out in the morning, she waits for us to come in and get her. I am not sure how long it will be until she realizes that she can roam around, but for now so far so GREAT! Woo hoo!

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