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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Avery's First Day of Preschool

Before Harper came along, we decided we wanted Avery to have something fun she could do on her own, a few times a week once Harper had arrived. We considered many things (swim lessons, music classes, soccer) but at her age everything is "mommy and me" and I didn't know what to expect with Harper, so we decided preschool was a great place for her. At 2 years old, it isn't that in-depth, mostly arts and crafts, singing, reading, playing outside and learning social skills. We toured a few, and decided La Costa Valley Preschool in La Costa/Carlsbad was the best place for our little girl. She started on July 9, 2012 just a week after her birthday.
I was so anxious and emotional in the days leading up to her first day (being less than 2 months post-partum might have had a little to do with that!), but I also thoroughly enjoyed filling out her paperwork and putting together her school stuff (emergency kit, extra outfit, lunches, backpack). It was one of those moments that I remember looking forward to when I was pregnant with her.
True to form, Avery LOVED preschool (and still does, as I write this nearly 2 months later)! She ran right into the room with her little backpack on, hopped on the carousel they have inside and wouldn't even get off to say goodbye to us! Also true to form, I held it together until I reached the parking lot and allowed myself a weepy mom-moment. My girl was IN SCHOOL! Away from me for the first time in a new place with people I barely knew for 3.5 hours twice a week.
Avery always comes home from school dirty and chatty, and we are starting to get adorable little art projects to take home and display. I have very much enjoyed my little breaks with Harper. Alex drops her off and then heads to the office. I do Stroller Strides those mornings at La Costa Resort and still have an hour and half to run a few errands before we pick up our little student. Then she comes home and it is nap time!
It has been a wonderful experience for all of us.

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