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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Avery's First Ballet Class

This summer we decided to sign Avery up for one fun activity before school starts in September for her. She chose between the few the city offered for her age range and the dates we would be available to take her...Karate or Princess Fairy Ballet (no recital) were the choices. Not surprisingly, she chose ballet and Nana was sweet enough to outfit her for her lessons with all the necessities!
We have been watching ballet videos and working on the positions when she wants to. I made sure she knew what it meant to point her toes and put her heels together and hold her arms in a circle.

When she got to class, there were about 15 little fairy princesses there as well. The teacher, Miss Candice, provided crowns, wands and wings for each of the girls to wear during class. Music from all the Disney Princess movies played in the background while the girls watched and listened to their teacher. Avery was in heaven. She was a great listener and was in front of the class most of the time, willing and eager to volunteer and watched the teacher and did what she was told (like daughter like mother!)

All the moms were snapping and filming away as the cuteness unfolded. Enjoy the pictures!

Trying on her outfit at home

Getting her crown on

Ready for class!

This was so funny...teacher put her leg over her head
and the girls were dutifully trying to model her!

Waiting patiently (I was impressed!)

Pique, pique, pase

Dancing fairies

Getting fairy dust on their ballet slippers



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