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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nursery Progess and 7 months!

Grady's surfer room is almost done! We have removed the futon, added the glider, put up some more wall art and have displayed his name on a custom decorative surfboard we got from Splinters Wood Surfboards on Etsy.

I have plans to add a decorative valance above the small window in this pic. Also want to add a canvas hamper to the left of the crib for toys and get a pouf to rest my feet on while sitting on the glider.
 28 weeks!
I am now officially 7 months pregnant and feeling large and in charge. I am dolled up for Alex's 32 birthday dinner in this shot, and discovered that that will be the last time I wear those pants as they are uncomfortably tight! Oh the joys...
Some updates: I have passed 2 glucose tests so it is safe to say I do not have gestational diabetes.
At my last appointment, I was measuring 3 weeks ahead, so my OB did an ultrasound to check baby's growth. He was measuring right on track, estimated at 2.5 pounds. My fluid levels were on the high end of the normal range which may explain my measuring ahead. The fluids fluctuate throughout pregnancy and neither the doc or I are concerned.
I am planning a natural hospital birth this time. While my drug-free delivery with Harper wasn't intentional, and while I swore I wouldn't do that again, I have changed my mind (as we women frequently do!) The delivery was terrifying and painful but also empowering and incredible. The recovery was so fast and simple that alone is worth a few hours of pain. I have read a few books and have plans to take a hypnobirthing class in Sept to prepare myself for labor. Harper's labor was 4 hours from when my eyes opened at 5:30am with my first contraction to when she was born in the hospital at 9:31am, so I am betting on the good chance that this one will be just as fast if not faster. We changed my insurance this time so we will deliver at Scripps Encinitas and we tour the hospital on Aug 5.
Being pregnant in the summer, I am hot most of the time. I have had some pretty uncomfortable bouts with acid reflux and take Tums daily. I have tested low for Vitamin D throughout this pregnancy and my doc has recommended I take 3500 uls of vitamin D supplement, which I do daily.
More updates next month!

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