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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Wow, what a trip! We saw so many beautiful things and had a wonderful time connecting with family that we don't see often enough. Our group totaled 15 and we all stayed at the all-inclusive Barceló Playa Langosta resort in Tamarindo. The resort has an awesome pool and is right on the beach, and within walking distance to downtown Tamarindo with shopping, beaches and restaurants.



Monkeys right by the buffet!

A rare moment when she wasn't in some body of water

Harper on stage during the hotel lobby entertainment

My girls stole the show!

Avery carefully doing the same moves the girls were doing
One of the days we split up, and the "kids" (anyone under 26, except my girls) did an all day excursion where they rode horses, rock climbed, zip lined, bathed in mud and had a delish lunch. Us "older folks" went on a guided riverboat tour through Palo Verde national park. We saw a few white-faced monkeys, lots of butterflies, iguanas, basilisks and crocodiles!



Rare white-faced monkey in Palo Verde
Downtown Tamarindo

Beer and applesauce

Nana and Harper

Iguana at our resort

Hanging out at Playa Langosta beach

Costa Rican sand is yummy!

My loves

Avery and Nana in the pool

Harper was making this funny face at dinner one night

And this sweet waitress was making it right back to her!
They had their own thing going, so cute
We were in Costa Rica during the rainy season and it definitely rained just about every day. Even so, it was incredibly hot and humid and when it rained it was a welcome cool down period. We were treated to a few amazing lighting and thunder shows, but all the bad weather lasted no longer than an hour each time. The ocean was a warm 80 degrees most of the time and the pool temp was about the same. I am pretty sure I was sweating every second I wasn't in our air-conditioned room!

The kids did ok for the most part. Harper was no fun on the plane (as are any lap-kids over the age of 8 months, in my opinion) but Avery did great. Costa Rica is only an hour ahead of California time so there wasn't much adjustment as far as that goes, but they did have to adjust to busy days of swimming and different food. Avery got sick about half way through the trip, but both girls seemed back to their old selves the day we left (go figure).

Overall, we had an amazing time and made some wonderful memories. It is hard to get the family together for dinner let alone a trip out of the country!

We owe all of the planning and logistics to Alex, who took care of everything for everyone IN ADDITION to working and dealing with me and the girls...THANK YOU HONEY for a wonderful trip. We love you!!

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