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Monday, January 27, 2014

Grady is One Month

On November 13, our littlest baby turned one month old. While we were definitely adjusting to having a newborn again, the first month with 3 kids 3 and under was not as bad as it was when we brought Harper home. It has been chaotic in our house for a year and a half with two crazy girls, throwing a newborn in barely made a dent (for me. Ask Alex this question and he will tell you his world is rocked and he is never having more kids!) Grady is a great nurser and gained a pound in his first 2 weeks and at a month weighs 11 lbs.
Grady is proving to be a dream baby! He pretty much just eats, sleeps and poops as all newborns do but he is pretty happy doing it. He doesn't fuss or cry much and so far he has been an absolute joy. He does spit up a lot and seemingly constantly, but the pediatrician says it is normal and he will grow out of it.

The girls absolutely adore him and Avery is always saying how cute he is, while Harper shares all her baby dolls with him. I see them both holding and rocking and burping their dolls and saying soothing words to them like I do to Grady, and it is very sweet. Neither girl seems to be jealous of the attention he is getting, though both are more attached to Daddy as I am tied down nursing the baby. But this was expected and I am SO grateful for all of Alex's help with them. I am happiest when I am feeding or cuddling my son, while Alex is entertaining the crazy ones.

I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of Grady as a non-verbal, immobile baby who lights up when I come near because I know these moments are so fleeting. 

I love dressing him just as much as I ever did the girls. It is so amazing to see all the clothes I would stare at and try to imagine him wearing when he was inside me, finally being worn! My favorite part of the day is choosing his outfit and getting him dressed.

At about 2 weeks old, we had some professional shots taken of Grady and they turned out great.

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