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Monday, January 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

It was a skeleton crew at Oma's in Carson this year, with my mom and Corey spending the holiday with Lauren's family and my dad and Katherine choosing to celebrate it at their house.
But Alex and I and the kids enjoyed spending quality time with Oma, Kathy and Glenn, Danielle, Michael and the kids. We don't see my side of the family as often due to the distance and busy schedules, so it is important that we see them when we can.
Oma and Aunt Kathy made a delicious spread, as always, and everyone ate until they could eat no more. I contributed the sweet potatoes and I think they were a hit.

The spread

Love from Great Aunt Kathy

Avery playing with all the toys I played with when I was little

Doting on Grady

Harper and Hailey

Grady's first Thanksgiving, 5 weeks old

Ready for turkey!

Baby boy with the hit of the evening

First family of 5 photo

Our three turkeys

To compensate for not seeing Alex's family for Thanksgiving or even most of mine this year, we decided to host a Thanksgiving Leftovers brunch at our house on the Sunday after, which happened to fall on Dec 1st this year. I was excited to have an excuse to decorate for Christmas immediately following Thanksgiving, and we were thrilled that all the family we missed seeing on Thanksgiving came over to spend time with us. It was a great time and once again, Grady was the hit of the day, in addition to Solange's chipotle gruyere sweet potatoes!

Yum! Tis the season for eating!

Yaya and Grady

Sweet cousin Penny Lou

Uncle Corey and Auntie Lauren

Grandpa John and Grady showing off their baby blues

Pat and Al and the great grandkids

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