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Monday, January 27, 2014

Halloween 2013

Now that we have kids, Halloween is a holiday I look forward to. Before them, it was my least favorite of the holidays. I am not a fan of scary anything, and I find dressing up as an adult silly. But, now that we have kids I think about what costumes they will wear months in advance. I like them all to have a coherent theme, and I think it is adorable when the girls match.
Avery was a teddy bear her first Halloween 2010, then a kitty cat in 2011. In 2012, Harper's first Halloween, they were both cupcakes. This year I had to come up with something that Grady could be a part of, even though he would only be 2 weeks old.
So the girls were Charger cheerleaders (this was decided upon because I already had an outfit for Harper that Avery had outgrown the year before) and Grady was a football. Alex and I were referees.

We really get the most out of the holidays now, each one lasts the whole month! We went to the pumpkin patch at least 3 times this season and had a Halloween party with our playgroup.

On Halloween evening, we walked down to our old neighborhood, Las Playas, and joined our old neighbors block party and trick or treating. Avery and Harper had a blast playing with all the kids their age and we had a great time showing Grady off (who slept the whole time!) and catching up with friends. 

Then we came back up to our neighborhood and hit up a few houses on our street, and still made it home by 7:30 to pass out candy to the older trick or treaters that came by.
It was really fun as Avery totally "got it" this year, and LOVED running up to the doors and getting candy. Harper stole the show with her cuteness and said "tank you wewy much" after each neighbor gave her candy.

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