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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grady is 3 months

Jan 13, 2014 (how is it 2014, btw?? shouldn't there be hover crafts and aliens all over the place??) marks Grady's 3rd month on this earth and what a joy he continues to be!  In my personal experience and the general consensus among moms I know, 12 weeks is considered the "magic age" in which babies have regulated themselves a bit and a natural schedule begins to emerge. Also, moms are much better at anticipating their baby's needs and interpreting cries so they can swoop in like only a mommy can and make whatever is wrong, right again.

Grady and I are no exception. We are so in sync and he fits right into our family's rhythm like he has always been here. We are pros at breastfeeding now and can do it anywhere and anytime he needs to, though he only nurses about every 4 hours and has been sleeping 8-9 hour stretches in his crib at night. When he wakes in the morning he just coos and makes sweet little baby sounds while waiting to be picked up and changed.

He weighs 13.5lbs and is 25ish inches long. He wears size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing. He is now grabbing at toys that dangle down from his play mat and he is rolling onto his side from time to time. His eyes remain blue and are always wide when they are open, absorbing all the goings on around him. He loves watching his sister's antics and they are best at making him smile. Daddy is something of a baby whisperer all of the sudden and Grady falls asleep in his arms so easily.

Grady continues to be a dream baby! He loves his paci, has no issues with bottles or falling asleep or his car seat or being held by others, he doesn't awaken easily...I could go on and on! He isn't perfect though. Boy is a PUKER! Constantly spitting up. The first rule of Grady remains: Always Have a Burp Cloth! He will spit up hours after nursing and soaks burp cloths and bibs all day long. It is smelly and annoying but that is really his only flaw (so far!)

Love this little guy with all my heart!!

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