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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Avery is FOUR!

Our first born is 4!! It is so hard to believe we have been we been parents for 4 years...just as hard to believe we have ONLY been parents for 4 years! Sometimes I can barely remember what my life was like before kids (I guess I have blocked out all the time spent in the gym "working out", going out to eat with my husband before it was called a "date night", seeing movies IN the theater, and leisurely running errands like going to the post office and "browsing" in clothing stores) and other times where I look in the mirror and my 22 year old self appears and is like "Woah. You're, like, totally A MOM. Crazy. And, by the way, how about you go buy some make up NOT from Rite Aid." Wait, what?

Anyway, I digress! Avery is now at the age where she understands what a birthday is and appreciates a party being thrown for her and all her friends being there to celebrate (well, mostly she loves cake and presents. Maybe when she's 5 she'll appreciate all the other stuff a little more??)  So we threw her a party with 15 of her best buds at the splash pad at a park near us. Everyone had a great time and we are so proud of our socially comfortable, hilarious little girl-going-on-teen.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Connor and Avery...Cool Kids!

Riley with a squirt gun...look out!

sweet Gracie girl

Burning off some energy

Avery and Kate

splash pad fun!

trying some party games

For those wondering: party games don't quite work for 4 year olds. Better luck next year!

Mom and dad and the birthday girl (Connor head photo bomb!)

Avery and AJ, neighbors and best buds

Birthday Girl!

Kira and Grady

Attack of the preschoolers!!!

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